Empowered for 2012!

Greetings everyone and thank you for checking out my website! This has been a long time coming and I hope you come back to visit soon to see all that’s going on in my literary world! Today is my personal new year! It’s my birthday and I promised myself to let go of the past and build for my future! I’ve been doing this all along but I hit some major bumps in the road as we all do. Let this be a message to those that might not feel empowered today. Take what people tell you and use it as fuel to your fire. I’ve had people tell me to hang up my dreams because I was expecting my son and there was no way I could move forward in regards to my literary dreams any time soon and take care of him. I’ve also been hurt in the past and that had a personal effect on me as well.

What I am doing in my new year is taking all of it and throwing it in the fire. I want my son to see that “we” are going to make dreams happen. I see so many proud parents out there with their kids whether they are a small business owner, artist, etc. My life is different…but better! So stay tuned as you’ll see me on the open mic scene, I’ll be adding more to my creative product line and I now offer workshops for school age youth and adults in writing and poetry.

My poetry book, “Pieces of Life, Volume 1, Reconstruction” is due to come out this spring. This book is about 4 stages a person goes through that was once in love. They lost themselves in a love that didn’t go as planned but the end result is that they reconstruct themselves spiritually, mentally and emotionally to get to a better place. Most of us have had our hearts broken but this poetry book shares a great ending instead of a sad one.

Remember to be empowered for 2012! There are hurdles, obstacles and some bumps in the road. All of it will only make you stronger and more powerful! Ask yourself who is on your empowerment team (family and friends that want to see you succeed) even those you don’t know that can serve as a mentor or teach you what you don’t know. Also see who isn’t in your corner and don’t let them on board your personal train to success. They will only weigh you down.

Thank you for your support and keep striving!

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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog! Visit often for poetry, event updates, book release information and my thought on life, love, family and everything in between.

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