Sound of Your Voice

The sound of your voice
Calmed me in the midst of a storm
Be soothing during a cry when I just couldn’t take it anymore
Loving sense of always knowing when I needed an, “I love you and that’s all I called for.”
Courageous in tone when I needed to get up…stand up after taking a hard fall
You always knew what to say
How to say it
When to say it
Timing was always appropriate
Sick sense would kick in
Not understanding how you always knew
Ears could hear miles away when I lied because I didn’t want to worry you
Caught in a lie again when you would say, “You’re not alright…talk to me.”
Letting go as either the rage from being done wrong to a simple missing you from living so far
Somehow…some way…you always knew when I had to hear your voice
I long for our daily calls, laughs, tears shed and even silence between us on the phone
Pouring out tears for you as I can’t have those days any more
Voice sang to my spirit every single day
Although I miss those days I’m so blessed to have had them in the first place
Today I heard the wind chimes clang as the breeze blew through my window
I know it’s you as you stopped by
To say, “I came by to say I love you.”
Yet I can’t see you, but I do feel you
And hear your gentle whispers as I lift my hands high to praise Him for the love we shared
Blowing kisses to heaven saying, “Mama…I love you too.”
Sound of your sweet voice was music to my spirit and soul
Calling me right in the nick of time…

Written By: Serena Wills
May 16th, 2010

Copyright Serena Wills 2010

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  2. Belina says:

    i became a regular follower of your blog. thanks for all the good info.