Circle of Wisdom

Imagine having a bond as tight as a circle
A bond of trust, love and respect that never be broken
Imagine having the true wisdom of your elders passed onto you to cherish forever
Envision a relationship with a sisterhood that is strong and pure
Being in search of sisterhood was a path that seemed hard to find
Until a hand reached out to us and guided us through our path
Some even became footprints in our sand
They led us through the burning sands
And said…never give up
These women became our circle of hope, love and truth
They gave us the knowledge of true sisterhood
Possessing the strength and presence of the mighty elephant
And are true Delta women
We thank thee for what you taught us
Our love is forever strong
As we give thanks to you…the circle of wisdom

Written By: Soror Serena T. Wills
Copyright 2008 © Serena Wills

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  1. Clementina says:

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