Beautiful Delta

The Woman I came to be
The Delta that I am
That Diva that others Want to Be
That is Me
That Woman who will do for others
And be the Footprints in Your Sand
Carrying her Sisters When They Need Her
Is Who I am
Who am I you May Ask?
I’m that Devastating Delta
The One Who Upholds Her Heritage
And Gives Thanks to the Founders
I am that Excellent Delta
The One Who Achieves the Highest
Who am I?
That Loving Woman
You know the one who has your back
Who am I?
The Teacher of Many Who Seek to Learn
Who Am I You May Ask?
An Advocate of What Needs to Be Known
By My People
I am that Illustrious Delta
That is the Woman I came to be

Written By: Serena Wills

April 2001

Dedicated to the women and my sorority sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc

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