Artist Paradise

Guitar strumming
Like stroking paint across a blank canvas
Wicked beats that go up and down
As an artist vigorously throws their heart and soul into a sketch
Blissfully blowing passion
Accenting, adding intricate detail
Similar to a musician blessing their song with the finishing touches to a masterpiece
Octaves raising
Jamming to a sista singing Nina Simone
Lyrics compiling that crazy diabolical poem
Dancing as my arms flay like a paint brush
Feet glide like his fingers do to guitar strings
With the fierceness of a spoken word artist
Theatrical power like an Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee
Pure artistry
Capturing a crowd or a lover with the glare of your eyes
Before diving in for that one last
In another world playing as if you’re the only one in the room
Painting as if Picasso’s ghost is right beside you
Leaping across the stage as the great Ailey
Depicts my creative, eclectic side
Drums beating louder
Horns blowing
Energy rising
Bobbing heads to the musicology
Of your biology called song
Slamming, spitting verses like the great Giovanni
Sanchez’s voice
With the Last Poet’s breath
Photography capturing memories and moments
Everlasting still shots of time
Dedicating this piece to the sound of artists
No matter what shape or form
Medium or genre
Amateur or pro
Glowing when I hit the mic
Pouring everything internally
Sound of imaginative creativity
Instinctively for you
Groovin’ to my song, dance and poetry
Living in an artist’s paradise

Written By:
Serena Wills

June 26th, 2009 (Quinn Bar in Dallas, TX listening to Matt Barron play the blues and my ArtLoveMagic family on the side celebrating Jaime Reeves Birthday)

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