Let It Be Done

I wrote this poem 4 years ago for my sister Ayana who passed away in 2007. Today is her birthday and it’s also the last day of National Poetry Month so I wanted to share this piece again.


As the warm breeze hit my face I knew then that, “It was done.”

All my problems, burdens and inequities

Were conquered

God told me years ago “Wait on me child and I will see everything through.”

Nights I cried wondering how bills would be paid

Days went by wondering why my sisters health was fading away

God kept telling me, “I’m coming to rescue you, walk with you to get you through.”

Watching the sun leave the sky

As the moon peered through my blinds

Still wondering how to get through

Suddenly I felt a presence

In my space

Not understanding what or where it stood

My Grandma once told me, “Chile there are times when God is in your space and you will know it when you feel Him.”

God began to work through me

Around me

All for me Burdens were lifted

Unanswered problems resolved

Bills were paid in full

As I understood that God comes in His time

He heard my sister asking for Him Take me with you God For I am done

Her failed health faded away

As she went to Him

And when she left me physically

I knew then that her battle cries were no more

And her job here on earth was done

God said, “Let it be done, let her be whole and may this life be complete.”

I listened to Him

As He conquered not just my worries



But He also reached back and conquered Ayana’s too As He said, “Let it be done.”

June 27, 2008

Ayana’s job is complete. God you are worthy as you continue to heal us.

Copyright 2008 Serena Wills All Rights Reserved

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