Once Upon a Time

For National Poetry Month I’m Going to Publish a Poem Every Week. Enjoy this first one.

Once upon a time
You loved me
Adored me
I would get music in the middle of the night and throughout the day
Various songs that kept me wanting more of you…making me want to stay
In your life forever
And take on an endeavor
To build a future with you
I would jam to songs that was a mixture of R&B, Jazz, Sexy House, Caribbean and Latin tunes
Waking up in the morning I felt your presence next to me
Miles away I would still feel your spirit breathe
Every song told a story
Expressed a feeling
Showing your heart completely
Or so I thought…
Once upon a time
I felt like a fairy tale as we connected in the park
I told my heart no but over time it said yes
And as the music kept coming daily
Telling me your history
I fell for you deeply
God told me He could be the one
Praying day and night I so didn’t want my feelings to jump the gun
You kept me laughing, smiling and in the midst of it all you were healing
Our connection seemed unreal like some of those beautiful story book endings
But like a party our connection played its last song
Crying oceans of tears over what I once I felt
In a snap all of the feelings you had for me left
I’m left with a broken heart
Reminiscing about that day in the park
Sweet memories that we shared now seem so dark
Once upon a time you loved me
I’m now left in silence
And no music to listen to

Written By:

Serena Wills

Copyright 2012

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