Dream on Dreamer!

I’m learning about where to place my energy in regards to love, the same applies for dreams. Some people might think a person got it made looking from the outside…but it probably took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get there. It might look easy to some, but it’s not. An example is the fact that I’ve been published 5 times to date and more to come. It looks great as people flip to a page of one of the books I’m in and see my poem and/or story. However, it took a lot of work behind closed doors to get it from my brain…to my laptop…to being published.

I’m learning that I’d rather put a lot of energy, time, money and thought into making my dreams work, getting my writing published, cafe going, business plan for a bed and breakfast, etc. than putting it into a person or thing that doesn’t appreciate me and/or the gifts I have.
Watching relationships, and being in a couple that didn’t go right, has taught me to be careful about who, what and where I pour energy into and where I just shouldn’t make the investment. Investment in this case is personal or financial. This year – 2012 – needs to be a year of focusing on self, my son, dreams and those around me that truly appreciate who I am and will give that energy back to me.

I want people to see I’m working hard for my dreams, and even though it might look nice from the outside, behind closed doors I’m working hard to make it both personally and financially. Unless you want to put in the work from behind the scenes, then don’t put on a facade from the outside like it was easy. Also give props to those that helped along the way too.

Some people want to learn…they are hungry and eager! And some…well…they think they know everything, and that to me blocks the learning process. Those are the people who I think “talk to dag gone much.”

Ask yourself, are you a person that wants to learn all about your gift, craft, etc. OR are you a know it all? It’s hard for people to come to that realization. I encourage each of you to keep learning, watch what and who you put your energy into and reach back to teach someone else. As my friend DMoe says, “Stay Thirsty My Friends”

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5 Responses to Dream on Dreamer!

  1. Robin says:

    Good blogging!

  2. Ramunda says:

    Hello Sis,

    I really loved your blog piece, Dream on Dreamer, especially the part about “don’t put on a facade on the outside to make it look easy.” I think we cheat people when we don’t allow them to see parts of our journey, only the finished product. They often walk away with an unrealistic view of success and the energy it took to get there.

  3. Ardell says:

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